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  • q: I’m 27 years old. Can you tell me how long it will take me to get my drivers license?


    This is very difficult question to answer like difficult is to find two same look and think people in a world. Each person has different ability to gain knowledge depending on the person’s age, eyesight, reflexes and other factors. Statistics show that group of people in ages 15-19 learn faster than a group of people ages 20-27 but this is nothing new and as you know the older you get, the more difficult it will be to get trained, because with age, people develop more apprehension.

    Because there is not straightforward answer to this question we are willing to share our statistics of our vast experience:

    - Beginners ages 15-17 usually required between 8-12 hours of professional instruction.
    - Beginners ages 18-25 usually required between 9-14 hours of professional instruction.
    - Beginners ages 26-32 usually required between 9-16 hours of professional instruction.
    - Beginners ages 33-55 usually required between 12-18 hours of professional instruction.
    - Beginners ages 56 and up usually required between 14-30 hours of professional instruction.

  • q:What is the first step to obtain a drivers license?


    If you are over 18 years of age the first step to obtain your driver license is to study “Rules of the road” book issued by Secretary of State (view here) and successfully pass eye and written exam at the Secretary of Stated Office (find here). After passing exam, Office of Secretary of State will issue an “instruction permit” authorizing you to take driving instructions. Once you received your “permit” call us immediately to make an appointment for your first driving session.

    If you are under 18 years of age you must go through a state certified program for teenagers which Auto Metro Driving School offers in the Teen Section.

  • q:What documents will I need to get my license or permit or state ID?

    a: Since requirement are periodically changing here is a link to Secretary of State Office website with the most accurate information: click here.

  • q:What am I going to do on my first driving lesson?


    On your first driving lesson your instructor will go over basic instruments and car controls in your vehicle. Once you learned basics your instructor will ask you to put your car in motion and stop it, to learn how to work with accelerator and brake pedal.

    The next step on your first driving lesson is to keep your car in motion and perform basic vehicle maneuvers like moving and stopping smoothly, making accurate right and left turns and control car’s speed.

    Your first behind the wheel lesson is usually performed on a small residential streets where traffic flow is less congested and student can feel more comfortable. Once you learn basic skills you will be introduced to real life driving experience on regular roads with regular traffic.

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